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Good News for the Nile

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In Memory

Dr. Connie Palm, author of this book, passed away unexpectedly on January 3, 2015. Good News for the Nile! was her current primary project. She was working diligently to raise funds to see this project finished. To honor Dr. Palm we are presenting this project in her memory. If you wish to honor her memory, you are welcome to contribute.

Good News for the Nile!

Bringing 200,000 copies of 101
"Stories of the Bible" to children
up and down the Nile River -
while it's still possible...

Project cost:
$.73 per book x 200k = $146,000.


Silver Challenge

What a Challenge! Looking for a simple way to share your faith?

Clip from 2014 Sea Breeze Camp Meeting
Dr. Fred Wingham