The Story of Jesus, Three Volume Set


The Story of Jesus (a set of three books) is one of the best known, easy-to-read Bible stories in the world. It is scientifically graded, introducing new words in each lesson and repeating them several times. The Story of Jesus plays an important part in the ladder of literacy. When the reader has finished these three books he will know the story and the vocabulary of the Gospels.

Author, Frank C. Laubach is known as “The Father of Literacy.” The famous “Each One Teach One” method is one of his greatest contributions. Many thousands have found The Story of Jesus to be a very useful English learning tool. This new edition is beautifully illustrated in full color by Tery Beckham Aldredge.

This is the three volume set.

Language: International English
Author: Frank C. Laubach

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50 - 99 35%
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