Some years ago, GPM asked Connie Palm to write a series of books that would teach children about consequences. She wrote seven of them before she went home to heaven. We have published 4 of them so far and the 5th is in production. Each Basil Bear is hardback with 24 full color pages that include beautiful illustrations.

Book one introduces children to consequences. Book two teaches children the consequences of telling half-truths. In book three, children lean about the consequences of not making good choices. In book 4, children learn about the consequences of being greedy. In book 5, children learn about the consequences of getting even. In book 6, children learn about being kind. In book 7, children will learn about obedience and unconditional love.

These books are excellent for parents, grandparents, and ministry workers. Each one is sold separately for $9.99 apiece + shipping.

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Basil Bear and the Honey Jar Disaster

Basil Bear and the Orchard Mystery

Basil Bear and the Pink Monster

Basil Bear and the Blackberry Bandit

Basil Bear and the Bicycle Race

Basil Bear and the Unbearable Bully

Basil Bear Learns About Iffy Love