Joy Comes in the Morning


A popular song proclaims, “It’s a jungle out there!” We live in a world marked by fear and despair. In 2019, eight of the ten most frequent Google searches were disaster-related topics. Daily newscasts are filled with stories of military conflict, natural disasters, and pandemics. Closer to home, we suffer financial pressures, family conflict, and the unavoidable onslaught of disease and old age. We are surrounded by bad news.

Christians are not immune from these dangers. In the face of such challenges, we can be tempted to despair. But God calls His children to be people of hope. How do we find hope in a hopeless world? Not by burying our head in the sand but by turning to God’s Word, the source of true hope. The word hope appears more than 100 times in Scripture, and the message of hope occurs on nearly every page.

If you are tempted to despair, Joy Comes in the Morning points you to the hope promised in God’s Word. The first in a series of “Daily Guides for Uncertain Times,” this book will remind you of the good news promised to God’s people. If you face seemingly insurmountable challenges, please join me for 31 Days of Christian Hope.

About the Author:

Randall McElwain serves on the pastoral teams of Hobe Sound Bible Church and Palm Beach Chinese Christian Chapel. He travels frequently to teach pastors overseas and serves as a course writer for Shepherds Global Classroom and author for Gospel Publishing Mission.

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