What’s the Difference Between Right and Wrong?


Today many people are being taught to think truth depends on a person’s opinion. They think it is man’s right to decide if something is right or wrong. Belief that some things are always right and some things are always wrong has been lost.

They do not know the difference between Right and Wrong.

What’s the Difference between Right and Wrong? shows us how to change this very wrong idea. Here is a tool to help families and churches defend the Truth. It will prevent the values of the Bible from being washed away from the hearts and lives of parents and children.

This book offers a complete, Bible based plan for understanding truth that never changes and shows us how to pass these basic Bible truths to the next generation.

Paperback, 158 pages.

by McDowell & Bob Hostetler with Ralph Woodworth

ISBN: 978-1933716-05-3

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