Why Wait on True Love? – International English


The pressure is huge! Can youth win the fight to be sexually pure until marriage?

Are you a parent? Do you work with preteens or teenagers? You can help your young person say no to sexual pressure.

Are you a teenager? Then here are the solid facts you have been wanting!

Why Wait? …on true love? gives the,
●physical, and
reasons to stand strong against sexual pressure.

In Why Wait? …on true love? you will learn,
●the reasons young people have sex before marriage, and
●why waiting is well worth the battle!
Be prepared! Here are real answers to the real struggle of youth to remain sexually pure in today’s culture.

Paperback, 206 pages

Authors: Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler with Dr. Ralph Woodworth

ISBN: 978-1-933716-11-4

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